Against All Odds

Set Ourselves Up

In a moment of lucidity I gave up
I wasn't ever cut out for this stuff
I'm always suckered into going out
with open rubber arms
I embrace the opportunity to drown out
a widespread lunacy
my voice of reason is only misleading me

cutting corners through the hard lines
sitting tight until the ambulance arrives
like beggars caught in the headlights
we set ourselves up to collide

my shadow shivers
insecurities are shut out
safe to say that I'm shit out of luck
a strong suspicion that I've lost my charm
compulsive rubber arm

it's hard to swallow but bow or your neck will be broken
don't shut me up let's work it out and I won't breathe another word
in this unholy matrimony we cover it up and work it out

Fork In The Road

Keeping our wits about us
our fists are powerless
leaving nothing behind us
it seems we're just not that important
maybe in our minds
but a healthy mind is hard to find

everyone is leaving with cuts on their hands
and scars on their arms
and dreams on their stereos
in sleep-deprived plans
we burn bushes at this
fork in the road
and I, I have a knife
in my pocket
a fest for the wasted
we're sticking our tongues in broken wall sockets
a rush of gold to the head
and now this head has got a hole in it
guess I'm just open-minded
it's a city thing
it's a silly thing
cast a cold eye
you don't give a shit, so why do I?
Putting all pleasantries aside
our dreams have died
in mass graves they're turning
waiting to be revived
pearls devoured by swine
in sleep-deprived plans
we burn bushes
at this fork in the road

Face-Brick Constellations

The glue of the community cuts the circulation
clumsy fingers clutching detonators
a mediocre massacre rattles the floorboards
a prophet's promise rapturing the ribcage

ashes to the heartburn of the second class
murder to their mechanical hips
fire to their rigid lawns and paper trails
panic to the sprawling metropolis

it's the boredom that beats you
and the sound of it echoes
one after the other collapsing
these face-brick constellations patronise me
the smear of monotony
a backwards revelation
a small-time swindle, two bit operation
a testament of temperament
a tribute to complaisance
a needle swiftly puncturing the breastplate

The Heart Of A Fool

It's quite hard to let parts of yourself go
it's quite easy spilling your guts all over the bathroom stall
every now and again every now and then
I can greet your ghostly gaze without flinching

the heart of the fool lives inside of his mouth
the fear of separation's all that unites us
what you pay for your live never costs that much

it's quite hard letting parts of yourself go
it's quite easy spilling your guts inside the confessional
I know my language has always been my limit
and this slurred speech is my own

the heart of the fool lives inside of his mouth
with the fear of separation

not a clear conscience
not a dry seat in the house

Gentile Gentleman

Put up your defenses
those electric-fences
protect our gardens of garbage
best made men
like worms to a dead bird
flock into oblivion
I don't think that we've won anything yet
what are these rats racing against?
they just charge unquestioned
I never pay any attention

I never could punch straight through the door
more gentile than gentleman
not a lightweight anymore
my pulse slips
I'm taking care of business
when I look at what my wilted hands have sown

polish our pretenses
just to numb the senses
sweep the dust under the carpet
best love-wreck
your moods swing profusely
sweating the small things
we all say yes, yes in the end
what are these rats racing against?
I know that I'm just one of them

You And I

I find delight in empty days
I take my council and wine
my own devices have robbed me of wreckless leisure
my worth will be proven in time

the evening follows me like a blanket
I am less convinced of anything
I don't feel wise but I've learned to love

culture isn't cheap
if you bite the hands that bleed
you'll end up with blood stained teeth
you are a lung full of water
me, I am an appetite
under the stress of weather
you and I

from harbouring a hardship
your laugh lines will be wrinkled
better the devils you know and don't, I suppose
don't practice what you preach
a crowd of eyes have never listened to me
I am by no means a visionary but I can see that culture isn't cheap

Against All Odds

Curious and cautious
in a stagger on my heart's track
how vast the world was
by the lights of lime we gather
inflamed like moths to a fire

nauseous like lovers
tripping on their heart's trap
the gullible uncovered
a feint radiance
two dullards finding their colour

against all odds
caught between a curve and a soft spot
against all odds
unraveled in each other's arms

in a state of undress
how shy it was to touch
uneven out the evening
discreetly mocking the morning

struck by the moon I threw myself over
the night has a rainbow mutely hovering

weightless under covers
slip into the heart's lap
zealously juvenile
an old-fashioned raucous promise
nestles beneath the bravado

Blood Or Glitter

You mustn't touch me right now
a few punches to your liver
and you turn us into something else
it's always blood or glitter with you
your collar's too tight
my how your cheeks have sunken in

you're welcome to hang around
I don't want to be a burden
but i always end up as one
at least we've got a story to tell

you never should've listened to me
at least we've built ourselves a nice cage to live in
it's a jungle out there but it's like a fuckin' wake in here

you're welcome to let me down
I don't want to be forgotten
can never remember
the future will look after itself

at least we've misspent most of your youth together

New Clear Season

You and your sentimentals
will be carried safely back to sea
the dry shore will be flooded with watered down bodies
it's written in our nature
still aimlessly meandering
resisting the pull for the wrong reasons

dragging my feet through buildings
on a long enough line of time
survival rated drop to zero
throw your typewriter out of the window

our pageantry is diluted by the forces that be
our god-like shortcomings nurtured with grandeur
it's poisoning our children
steer clear of the fountain
and celebrate a brand new, clear season
it seemed as if drowning would be an unlikely remedy

The Wishing Well

A carefree stint on a clear coast
it was a rampage but I lost direction
the satellites are outdated
new road signs name places that have always been there
I always talk calamity
beneath the shiny waves
an undertow waits on me
put this insomniac to sleep
a stone's throw dipped toe
a breeze to make you blush
no emergencies no bulletins to leach on us
in the absence of distraction
there's no charm in ravaging the splendour
to persuade this thief to stop
is like asking an insomniac to sleep
the water drowns me out
I am a distant murmur
don't wear yourself out
don't run yourself down
still stealing silver from the wishing well

Know Your Bones

Glorious mistakes are anxiously waiting to be made
in the nervous arms of a breakdown I find embrace
you shake when you've got nothing to say

I know your bones are begging to step out of your wardrobe
couldn't leave well enough alone
teach them to dance and let them go

there's more to life than a little bit of money, I know
glory is fleeting
but obscurity is eternal
why scream when you've got nothing to say?
I'm not young enough to know everything
if stupidity got us into this
then why can't it get us out again

anything too dumb to be spoken should be sung
a song is never finished only abandoned
sing if you've got nothing to say