Dutch Courage

Decomposing Lullaby

Bad wind breathing in the streets tonight
A gunshot rhythm to a decomposing lullaby
I rest my head on the bosom of restless nights
Death is dining at our table
We feast on our nails
There is a bullet with my name on
Waiting to exhale inside of me
There's not alot of sympathy
With the life I'm leading
If only I could begin again
But I'm not surprised it's the end
I feel helpless
I can't help it if I don't need a lullaby
We need a miracle
If this is where our hearts lie
Where is our home?
I rest my head on the bosom of little faith
Still we keep hanging on for a saint
Barking serenade of panic
The moon is wailing
Quench your thirst my son
Make sure you lick the knife clean
Inside of me my life will be an offering
To those that I have failed
There's a bottle with my name on
And I'm waiting to inhale
I rest my head on the bosom of restless heights
I rest my head on broken promises

Holy Train

Get your hands off the children they're fighting for air
Dig a grave and mourn about your culture instead
The world's had it's hand on the fire for years
While you judge and damn to hell
Without an eager ear
Social cancer! Man-made heathen! Queer!
There's a holy train coming and it's leaving you here
Well, buckle up. Go! We couldn't make up our minds
Remember to leave anything earthly behind
We'll make our way to the other side
There's a Holy Train coming and it's leaving you here
I'd rather be late than waiting
To see a liberated third world nation
Young man you're a fool
Look where your impudence has lead you
Don't expect forgiveness too soon
We chase our own tails for truth
Trying to keep our precious egos in use
We've lost our minds along the way

The Dance

We're gonna be saved
Take your time, just don't be late
I'm in love and I'm tamed
And it resonates through me
Lose some speed, baby
There's little that I don't want to know
I've got this feeling burning inside of me that don't wanna go
Your naked body sings to the music in my backbone
Make me believe so you can kiss away the world that I used to know
Let's dance this dance of beauty
Enslaved but so free
Surrendered Captivity
So little time to get the right words out
Don't lose steam, baby
I'll take you where you wanna go
We have been blessed, now angel
let me caress the heavy heart you own
I forget the ones I've loved
And I forget the ones I've lost

Thirsty For Love

I have to cover my tracks
There's a siren's song singing up my neck
Never had much to offer
Still have stones to cast at the turning backs
The angels laugh
At this bastard chasing his better half
My heart's in my lap
Have I murdered my time?
Can't stop running now
The road is long and lonesome
I've got to keep my head down
When I get thirsty for love
A love that swallows my tongue
And wakes me slow
Never ready to go after the night has sung
Have I been here before?
Bite my fingers to the bone
Slowly ran myself into the ground
A juvenile delinquent's throne
Never thought I'd be a King
No turning around
Ate the last bread crumbs two hours ago
I'll sleep walk for now
To a place where I know
Can't stop walking now
The road is hard and lonesome
Can't help to keep my head down
I am thirsty for love
So thirsty for love

Guilty As Sin

Step into the night
Breathe into it life
Don't want to be clean
But I'm keen to try
On an all night ride
A punched-ticket sunrise
Don't want to be seen
I'm keen to survive
I've wasted opportunities and lost my grip
My overheating conscious lit my eyes on fire
A dawn chorus of silhouettes
The verdict is in
Guilty As Sin
Spread myself thin
I've always been
Guilty As Sin
Tell me, where do I begin?
We're constantly repeating
I'm prone to forget
That all of this is merely feeding malignant regret
The ruthless pursuit
A symptom of our time
I'm happy paralised and dreaming
Treading on this thin line
Light my eyes on fire
I have fallen behind
My every step fuels my demise
A futile attempt to repent
I must've lost my mind
Seek and you shall find
A messiah to remind you
That deliverance is an open door
You can choose to go inside
A choice I've been postponing for the most of my young life
Ignorance is easy to ignore if you try
But it's hard to come down from these visceral heights
Like a rolling tide I cannot be cleansed by

My Last Words

Settle down, don't fight, don't cry
People tend to turn a blind eye
We don't want to see a murder committed here tonight
With steel to my side I felt like a child
I will do anything you ask
Anything that you desire
You keep my life in your hands
The omens are always there
I've become numb to their
Constant warning signs
This miserable day-in-day-out
Everyone belongs to everyone else
My last words will fall on death's ears
This rotten air I breathe
My nerves are like crystal to me
It is clear
The crime that we share
The initiation to celebrate despair
My contribution to statistics
A cracking veneer
The traumatic exceptance of my mortality
Although my existence doesn't mean that much to me
All of my acquaintances will be missed
but I think of the ones that I hold dear
The ones I've been blessed with
Have you found what you looking for?
Can we please just get on with it?
It's funny how it's gotten down to this.
So what can we do?

Lonely Hands

I've pulled a few fast ones
This time I'll stick around
Sister, I've shot my mouth off
I apologise
A disappointment repeatedly, I am well aware
That my observations lack insight
Much like my conversations
My motivations run dry
I break into the distance
I'll wear my shame on my sleeve
I'm shaking in resistance
Trying not to make a scene
Only lonely hearts know where lonely hands go
I've played a few good hands
This long line of bad blood hangs like a noose I wear with pride
I apologise
The degredation of being meek
I am well aware
It's suffice to say that a lack of foresight is dibilitating
This beholder is blind
Excuse the mess, excuse the awkwardness
I know you're not impressed
Regardless of my attempts to straighten-out a little
My absence of hope is second only to my absence of will

I Believe

The clear blue sea beckons me.
A hard working man with cold sweat on his hands
The days drag by like dead animals
Why such a modest girl would sweet talk the sinners
Only her father would know
A cursed breath on her lips
The stage was set
I'm not leaving alone
There's something going on
Last night I knew it all
Routine has been killing a part of me
And in this galloping machine an innocent soul sleeps
Lord I believe that this could be the last one I need
And in all honesty this libertine
Is tired of living a goddamn catastrophe
Everyone has lost someone
Burnt out the ends of these lonely years
Like corpses in dreams hardly dare to breathe,
We're changing faces through these dusty deeds
At her tender age love is an illusion
As the sun dives into the ocean we follow the lights

Safe As Houses

I like looking at the sky
As the wind plays through
The skirts of the trees
The silence knows
How afraid we are of it
Cherished memories bleed and bloom
Our secrets like seeds
Get swept up and carried through our neighbourhood
Safe as houses tuck me in
Daylight waits for no man
You're still young and breathing's easy
Suck it in
Oh what a waste this facade
What a pity we've come this far
The rain will fall and baptise
Our strongholds our sheltered lives
Closed blinds, drawn curtains
And vinyl floors can't hide
Stained memories bleed and bloom
Our secrets like weeds
Creeps up to the roof of our neighbourhood
Now luscious denial
Our devoured minds
Our thoughts remain impotent
Our pillows stay fertile

Once I Arrive

If the power stays out
I won't mind waiting here for summer
I only lose my way in the city lights
But it never takes long for the longing to cut into my soul
The sun sets a little more beautiful when you're not alone
I will be long gone
Long before this body is done
I've been holding on
But things don't seem to change
I've come a long way just to keep my face straight
Gathered all reason
Replaced my doubt
I've got a find a new way to get out
The night is young I can still make it home
Set aside your baggage
Darling, it's fine
I'll take care of you once I arrive
From here on in it's all just wide eyed optimism
A Healthy disposition for my winter's bones
'Cause in this brutal composition
There's always something missing
I should've known

Shine Your Light

Beware of the wolves my baby
They're spying for love from the porch tonight
As the light begins to dim they'll start the skinning of your innocent body naked in the night
So come and shine your light
They'll undress you with their eyes my baby
Craving for the taste you choose to hide
If they whip you with their tongues
Don't look, don't listen
Just swallow your wounds and lick your pride
So you can shine your light